• 15 minute discovery phone call – totally FREE – to determine if we are a good fit to work together
  • 30 minute wellness consultation – in person or on a call. We will touch base on stress, sleep, aches and pains, nutrition and anything else that may be affecting how we can optimize your body.
  • 90 minute orthopedic check in – a head to toe assessment of how your body is moving. The goal of this is to check in with any aches and pains you are having to make sure they do not become injuries. Furthermore, this will help improve any performance goals you may be training for.
  • 60 minute one on one physical therapy session – these sessions will vary between hands on, detailed manual therapy, and movement training. If you move better you will feel better.
  • Packages available for 5/10/15 packs. After each consultation a detailed report is provided to explore what package would be best for your prognosis and diagnosis.
  • Online support – Starting at only $99/month, to ensure you are staying consistent with your PROgress. This provides you with detailed exercises and stretches to do on your own with support from Dr. Bo to ensure constant growth and success.
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